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Make Money Online with Videos

Written By photo 7 background picture on Monday, August 22, 2011 | 6:10 AM

About a decade back, web companies were not generating much revenue. But today, such web companies happen to be the most profitable businesses around. Online video is in such a situation where the web companies were ten years ago. A few years from now, Online video will be big business and Industry experts predict that Video Advertising will become a much bigger business.

In the near future, Online Video will not be just constrained to entertainment purposes. Rather, it will be about marketing, conveying information and more. Diversified video experiences will be flooding the market. Very soon, organizations and corporates will be featuring their management people, lawyers, accountants, salesmen and so on in videos.

Video Advertisements will become the in-thing. Display Advertising will be the watchword and Aggregator Networks would dominate online videos. This does not mean that there will be Online Videos will be splashed all over the web, left, right and center, just for the heck of it. No way. Rather, video advertisements will be converging with the rich display and media banners. Ad Networks and Publishers will be busy swapping out ad placements that have a low yield and replace them with videos that sell in the market for a premium.

Sure, Media companies as well as the content owners, who currently depend upon YouTube as the most successful commercial platform so far on the web, will then have a great time mobilizing their video libraries.

A day will come when large ad agencies as well as the marketers shift online. Just come to think of it, such companies would be kick starting branding campaigns and eventually push video advertising might top the search advertising. Once this happens, online advertising will be able to surpass TV. While almost everyone falls in line on the topic of implementing video advertising, industry experts are likely to follow the 30-second slot, like in television commercials, to be the most apt ad format.

In this context, there are several methodologies, ways and means such as sponsorships, branded content and the now famous contextual display banner. Last but not the least, we always have on store what the web has to offer – the viral video, of course. Since it is not supported by ads, is not branded content and is also not definitely an ad format, the viral video might just about play the perfect folly for anyone and everyone’s aspirations. Therefore, some kind of a media buy or a promotional push would become mandatory.

Yes, you are right – this is meritocracy but then, it is a cluttered one with a lot of noise around it – something similar to how you spend millions in creating TV advertisements but finally you have buy those media spots in order to promote the TV ad.

So, get set to watch something extremely interesting, buddies! All you need to do is to build your target audience and viewership sector, connect with the best possible opportunities in branded entertainment and of course, optimizing creativeness. Look out, the magic word in the field of Online Videos and a fantastic source for making money through Online Videos is VIRAL MARKETING only.